“We will never build another job without having Falcon involved from the beginning. We recommend to everyone that is thinking of doing a project to get Chris on board from day one.”

A Note on Owner’s Representation

All three primary roles require full-time attention. However, most Owners have neither the time nor the expertise to oversee their own project to the level required. That is why even the most construction-savvy Owners often come to us with stories of past dissatisfaction.

Falcon acts as direct agent for the Owner, ensuring that the project is completed on time, on budget and in line with the Owner’s original vision. Falcon creates a feeling of security for clients, encouraging the Owner to expect more from the project team.

How does Falcon accomplish this?

>We bring foresight gained from years of experience.
>We implement organizational systems developed from that experience.
>We establish and maintain lines of communication among all parties.
>We ensure that contracts are fulfilled and that every dollar is tracked.
>We manage the inevitable problems that come up along the way.

One way to think of Falcon is as both a manager and a fixer. Just as sports stars and politicians have their managers and fixers to look out for them in any situation, so Falcon protects the Owner by managing and fixing anything that arises when buying, building, and living in a property.