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Representing Your Vision and Your Interests

Chris McNally’s chief directive is to protect your interests and realize your vision. Falcon tracks every dollar that is spent, and makes certain that all billing is true to the contract. We keep all parties accountable for the schedule. And our projects are renowned for the highest quality execution. Further, Falcon is sensitive to the fact that each Owner is different, with a different style, different level of involvement and different needs. In all cases, Falcons clients are treated with personal care, discretion and the desired level of confidentiality.

As important as these basic services are, true project integration goes further:


Project Quality Integration

It’s always harder to make something simple than it is to make something complicated. Especially now that energy efficiency is mandated in construction codes and health and wellness are growing priorities of home design, owners need more support than ever before. In some cases, multiple experts will need to be involved.  

The inherent risk in putting together a skilled project team is that experts often stay in the comfort of their own lanes. It takes an integrator to cut across these “silos” of talent, so that the parts combine into a harmonious, successful whole.  

Custom homes have always required custom approaches, never more than today. You need a natural leader who has credibility and expertise at every level of the operation. You need a seasoned, hands-on expert like Chris McNally, who has integrated the work of the best architects, engineers, designers and contractors for three decades and counting.


Pre-Purchase Evaluations

Protecting an Owner’s interests often begins when a client is considering a new property. Falcon evaluates properties before you purchase them. The aim of these evaluations is to look beneath the surface for defects or weaknesses that are not readily apparent. The Owner then has the information he or she needs to negotiate a fair purchase price. Falcon has armed Owners with the facts and bargaining power they need to save millions of dollars. Falcon also advises clients about probable costs to make changes or additions to the property.

Project Troubleshooting & Legal Support

From Falcon’s beginnings in 2005, Chris McNally has frequently been asked to troubleshoot and provide conflict resolution on floundering projects, and to assist owners in determining the causes – and fixes – of defective construction. His work has brought him into close working relationships with attorneys, insurers and wealth managers. In 2006-2008, while serving as owner’s representative on a triple condo combination, he discovered chronic construction defects behind the walls, and was subsequently retained to represent the condo board in an action taken up by the Attorney General of the State of New York against the negligent developer.

In addition, Chris McNally provides two types of legal support to clients. First, he helps your attorney write tight, common sense construction contracts. Second, when conflicts require legal mediation, arbitration or litigation, he provides consultation and support in the area of conformance with construction documents and industry standards. He coordinates the work of Professional Engineers and other consultants and consolidates their reports for use in legal negotiations. Chris McNally has provided such consultation to attorneys, lobbyists, business managers and the Office of the Attorney General of New York State.

” Chris McNally is a wizard!”

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